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Freebie Friday

Today’s free printable is a cute way to keep your guests entertained and will serve as a permanent reminder of your wedding day.  Simply print onto card and leave a pile of these guest advice cards near to a collection box, then just wait for the advice to get sillier as the evening (and the drinks!) go on…  To find out more or to download, click here.


DIY Wedding: Vintage Favour Tutorial

I always knew that which ever favours we chose for our wedding, Mr Styled and I would make them ourselves .  I love the idea of giving a little bit of love back to our guests and wanted to make something that not only reflected the style of our wedding day but also  something that wouldn’t just get left behind on the tables once the dancing started.  These little vintage style sweetie jars were the perfect answer and below you can find my DIY wedding tutorial (it’s my first one so please be gentle!).  Enjoy the ‘how to’ and please feel free to comment, I’d love to know what you all think…

You will need…

  •  Small jam jars with lids (I sourced mine on ebay at £26.00 for 70 jars!)
  • Retro sweeties – we went for candy ABCs, heart throbs, jazzies and rings
  • Small white stringed luggage labels (these were £1.99 for 100 from WH Smith)
  • Message stamp and ink (Mine is an East of India stamp)
  • Lace (approx 6 inches per jar – this was a bargain 18p per meter at Fabric Land)
  • 4inch x 4inch assorted fabric squares (off cuts pre cut, again sourced from ebay)
  • Elastic bands (these are just a tool, so old scruffy ones are fine)


  • Fill a jar with your chosen sweeties – of course it’s a very good idea to sample the sweets yourself as you go, quality control is a serious matter 😉
  • Place one of your fabric squares centrally over the lid of the jam jar and secure temporarily with an elastic band.

  • Cut the string from one of the luggage tags and use this to tie around the jar lid, just above or below the elastic band.
  • Stamp the luggag tag and, while this dries, remove the elastic band and trim the ends of the string.
  • Thread the length of lace through the luggage tag and tie around the top of the jam jar to finish.

Even if you aren’t going for the vinatage, carnival or rustic wedding style, it is still possible to adapt this design by using a single fabric type for all the jars in your chosen accent colour.  For a neater, more uniform look to the jars, try cutting the fabric squares into circles before attaching.

Wedding Trend: Cookie Favours

Sticking with the foodie theme today, I have been thinking about the concept of wedding favours. Like most brides, I want to give my guests a favour that says ‘thank you’ and is also something they will want to take home with them rather than leave on the tables at the end of the evening. One of my favourite options is the wedding cookie. These little goodies are both a versatile and stylish way to say thank you to family and friends and are always a talking point among guests.

It is often worth sourcing smaller businesses for items such as wedding cookie favours, they are often less expensive and, because they value your potential recommendation, their attention to detail is spot on. Today’s board contains some beautiful examples from both large and small bakeries. Shop around and be sure to post any of your own recommendations for other brides.

A: Butterfly cookies, from £1.50 each,

B/H: Blue shaped cookies, £2.25-2.45 each,

C/D: Bride and groom cookies, £2.60 each (including customisation),

E/F: Cake and heart cookies, £3.50 & £2.75 respectively,

G: Glitter heart cookies, £1.50 each,

I: Bride & groom heart cookies, £2.50 each,

Wedding Trend: Cake Pops

One of the prettiest, most inspiring trends to emerge on the wedding catering scene in recent years has been the Cake Pop (also known as Cake Balls…slighly less quaint me thinks!?). These gorgeous little specimens are the result of combining two of my favourite pastimes…cake and sweets!

Today’s board showcases a mouthwatering sample of what some of the UK’s finest cake makers are offering brides, but, for those who, like me, are working within a tight budget, the good news is that they are suprisingly simple to make yourself! I have to confess that I am currently a little bit obsessed with amazing baking blog, Bakerella, where you can find endless ideas for your own cake pops and a rather nifty tutorial For a more generic tutorial and some beautiful British cakespiration, take a look at

Need some inspiration for your own Cake Pops or looking to order ready made? Look no further, grab a brew ( and a slice of cake!) and enjoy today’s board (suppliers and prices listed below):

A: Red & ivory glitter pops, from £2.00 each,

B, C, D: All £2.00 each,

E: Pink glitter pops, £1.00 each,

F: Chocolate pops, £11.30 for 12,

G: Pink piped pop, £5.50 each,

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